BUCHU TEA and Sceletia are looking for an enthusiastic entrepreneur. and are moving into Europe and are looking for an enthusiastic health minded person to become the sole distributor/importer for the Germany. We can offer different levels of involvement, making sure you grow as your market is growing.
We don’t offer you 10.000 Euro per week, but we do offer you a shot at building your own business. You decide how much you earn. If you put in the energy, you will see the results.
We have 3 levels of engagement.
1. You become a distribution hub for and Meaning we’ll take care of your stock, you take care of shipping the orders via local postal organisations. You’re also responsible for the content on and in your own language. Your gain is a share of the sales, which can reach 30%.
2. You become a sales agent. Meaning you’ll sell larger quantities of Cape Moondance Buchu tea and Sceletia to retail(organisations) or wholesale. Again for a share of the sales.
3. You’ll become the sole importer for Cape Moondance Buchu and/or Sceletia in your country. Meaning you will buy stock at own risk and run your own business for own profit.
Do you need to invest.
Yes you do, although minimum. To give you an idea. You need to buy boxes to ship the tea. You need to pay the postage costs upfront. We cover for it once a month. You might have some costs for printing leaflets.
Do you need to quit your day time job.
No. In the beginning you can do both. Packing the tea in the evening and shipping it the next day. We sure hope that it will  soon be too much and you have to decide to move to the next level.
Drop us a mail at and find out the possibilities and opportunities.